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This is an intimate and personalized tour with an artist who knows and loves this culture. The costs of our workshops do not include your air transportation, your passports or visas (if applicable), any medical expenses, any insurance, or expenses due to events outside of our control. Sec. 1-3a. License or permit fee due on Saturday, Sunday or holiday. Warm regards, -(Jeanne S., Palm Springs CA ’11)- I was fortunate to spend a week with Glenn in June, 2011. It was one of the most magical experiences, thanks to his photography expertise, knowledge of Greek culture and language. This workshop provided me hands-on training which will allow me take my photography to new levels and the memories of the experience as a whole, will be with me a lifetime. -(Karin R., Beulah CO ’05) View some of Karin’s work. Sec. 1-1l. Holocaust victims’ settlement payments excluded from income for purposes of needs-based programs.

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