Инструкция на htc m7

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This guide will walk you through the process of taking the One (GSM) from stock to having a custom recovery image and the ability to flash the latest version of CyanogenMod. See fastboot documentation for more info. If you see «no permissions fastboot», make sure your UDEV rules are setup correctly. Note: Some ROMs overwrite recovery at boot time so if you do not plan to immediately boot into recovery to install CyanogenMod, please be aware that this may overwrite your custom recovery with the stock one.Installing CyanogenMod from recovery Make sure your computer has working adb. Place the CyanogenMod .zip package, as well as any optional .zip packages, on the root of /sdcard: Using adb: adb push filename.zip /sdcard/Note: You can copy the .zip packages to your device using any method you are familiar with.

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