Canon pc1309 инструкция

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You should hear a “click” as it pops back into place. The last image or movie you shot will appear. Если возникают какие-либо вопросы в обращении с принтерами или при заправке принтера, то вы можете в этом разделе найти подробные инструкции для принтеров Canon или руководства пользователя. Sound Memo Operation Panel Exit Pause Delete • The sound attached to an image can also be played with the supplied software. You are recommended to set [Review] in the Recorded Image Orange frame contents You can erase an image while checking the focus (when the screen described in Step 3 displays) by pressing the a button. Twisting the next ‘cap-ring’ (round with the semi rectangular opening in the center) counterclockwise released it and exposed the two lens covering flaps. I took one flap out to have an intact one left to compare too.