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Retrievability Information retained must be retrievable by reference to the name of the originator. Sudden, uncommanded full nose-up trim is about as bad as it gets when you’re talking about loss-of-control scenarios, yet the pilot was astute enough to remember that he could offset the unwanted lift by banking the jet. That felt great! My loan today sits around $26,000, so we paid off around $74,000 in the last three years. We would have it completely paid off, but the interest rate is now less than 3%, so we’ve decided to prioritize investing instead. Whenever you receive money, whether it’s a paycheck or a windfall, you can decide to spend that money on a depreciating asset (car, cellphone, clothes, video games) or you can invest that money and let it start working for you. The military financial world is different from civilians in many respects including taxes, pay raises, retirement options, and investment options. We receive un-taxed allowances, serve in un-taxed combat zones, and collect special hazardous duty pays depending on our job and location. May 25, 2005. Retrieved 2007-03-09. ^ a b Pollard, Elizabeth (2015). Worlds Together Worlds Apart. W.W. Norton & Company. p. 352. ISBN 978-0-393-92207-3. ^ «Paper Money». The Silkroad Foundation.