Инструкция honda ep 1500

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The spur gear design of reverse gear represents some compromises (less robust, unsynchronized engagement and loud noise) which are acceptable due to the relatively small amount of driving that takes place in reverse. Some racing arcade games require the player to use a clutch pedal during gear changes when a vehicle with manual transmission is selected such as in Hard Drivin’ and its Race Drivin’ sequel, along with Ridge Racer Full Scale. Manual transmissions also place a greater workload on the driver in heavy traffic situations, when the driver must operate the clutch pedal quite often. However, sequential shifting and synchro-less engagement are not inherently linked, though they often occur together due to the environment(s) in which these transmissions are used, such as racing cars and motorcycles. However, many modern transmissions now include a reverse gear synchronizer and helical gearing. Independent of the shift pattern, the location of the reverse gear may vary.

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